Holiday Shorts Playlist

I had the great pleasure to make the Holiday Shorts playlist a couple of weeks ago. For those that don’t know – Passionate Ink, a group of erotic fiction writers, publishes a yearly themed anthology to raise money for ProLiteracy, a worthy charity dedicated to eliminating adult illiteracy. I have had the privilege to contributeContinue reading “Holiday Shorts Playlist”

Bondage Buddies – Friends with benefits, but with rope…

This is a kinky hot friends-with -benefits-catching-feelings, single mom and player Dom romance. Golden Angel’s Bondage Buddies is hot. When Master Mitch proposes becoming friends-with -benefits, Dom can’t find downsides to such an arrangement. As a single mom with no time for a relationship, she is content with leaving everything about her desires at theContinue reading “Bondage Buddies – Friends with benefits, but with rope…”

Falling Hard – The Homecoming’s Playlist

If you read (and I hope you did) my last blog (Here if you haven’t ), you know I am a music person. In that post, I delved into the minds and music of my fellow authors from Falling Hard, debuting September 30, 2021. I should have thought about my sequence more. They are a hardContinue reading “Falling Hard – The Homecoming’s Playlist”

Falling Hard – The Playlist and the Stories

I listen to music in the car, around the house, working, working out, going to bed… you get the idea. My story, The Homecoming, is being published September 30, 2021 in Passionate Ink’s Falling Hard anthology. I obviously had a playlist for the story as well as for when I was writing. I thought it would be fun toContinue reading “Falling Hard – The Playlist and the Stories”