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Falling Hard was #70 on the first day.

Falling Hard is released today. Thank you Delilah Devlin for the guest blog spot. Check my blog here.

Join the authors and Special Guests for the Launch Party, October 1st.


Passionate Ink is running a preorder special of $2.99 for the ebook. A bargain for 7 steamy stories. Regular price will be $4.99. Paperback will be available on the 30th of September.

Passionate Ink’s Falling Hard anthology contains these 7 stories.

Hard Cider Crush by Ryley Banks

I planned to get over my brother’s best friend, not fall deeper.

Between Love and Death by Deni Dawson

When it comes to love and death, time is just another four-letter word.

Open Enrollment by Jordyn Kross

Astrophysics professor Chandra Russell never enrolled to be abducted by an alien.

The Homecoming by Candice LaBria

A second chance at first love.

Claiming Papa by Ryan Osborn

Sometimes, miracles occur when you least expect them.

Who Can Find a Virtuous Woman by Michal Scott

Looking for a virtuous woman? Don’t look her way.

Burned Bones by Calia Wilde

What? You ain’t never heard of a woman living off sex?

All proceeds go to Proliteracy.

ProLiteracy, the largest adult literacy and basic education membership organization in the nation, believes that a safer, stronger, and more sustainable society starts with an educated adult population. For more than 60 years, ProLiteracy has been working across the globe to change lives and communities through the power of literacy.

ProLiteracy is the leading resource and champion for adult education and literacy worldwide.

About 43 million adults in the U.S.—and almost 800 million worldwide—struggle with basic reading, writing and math skills. These individuals struggle to read a menu, fill out a job application, or read a bedtime story to their children. ProLiteracy removes the hurdles that stand in the way of their goals. 

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