Always a lover of books, Candy is a voracious reader and belongs to a book club or two. One session, the group decided to watch Love between the Covers, a documentary on the romance writing industry. It was thought provoking. But then life interrupted her musings and it was forgotten. A year or so later and a different life (divorce, going back to work, and becoming self-sufficient), Candy was contemplating side hustles with her close friend and #1 instigator of trouble when the idea of writing popped up again.

With much prodding and wine, Candy sat down and started writing. She plotted and drafted a contemporary romance and discovered she enjoyed it.

One night she found an opportunity to enter a short story analogy contest. Thinking this would be a great writing exercise and wanting a shot at getting published, she thought, “Why not try romance erotica? I bet there will be less entries and I will have a better chance.” Obviously, this girl doesn’t know what a hot industry it is.

The anthology went nowhere, but she fell in love with the genre.

Fast forward to July 2021, Passionate Ink accepted her short story.

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