Always a lover of books, Candy is a voracious reader and belongs to a bookclub or two or as they are affectionately known wine clubs with a sprinkle of book talk. One session, the group decided to watch Love between the Covers, a documentary on the romance writing industry. It was thought provoking. But then life interrupted her musings and it was forgotten. A year or so later and a different life (divorce, going back to work, and becoming self-sufficient), Candy was contemplating side hustles with her close friend and #1 instigator of trouble when the idea of writing popped up again.

With much prodding and wine, Candy sat down and started writing. She discovered a passion for writing. Having been around writers her whole life, she had shied away from the activity and chose to proofread and edit other’s works. She plotted and drafted a contemporary romance.

During this time, Candy found an opportunity for a short story anthology contest. Thinking it would be a great writing exercise and wanting a shot at getting published, she thought, ” Why not try romance erotica? I bet there will be less entries and I will have a better chance.” Obviously, this girl does not know what a hot industry it is. There was a deadline. There was much scribbling and a short story was created in record time. She called the #1 instigator and another girlfriend and begged them to read it. They were encouraging and bestowed praise on the work. Candy loved the freedom the genre provided.

The contest sadly did not yield a publication – thanks COVID, but Candy is in the process of writing more short stories to create a collection and has started on a novel. Come join the adventure. Follow Candy’s progress in her blogs.

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