The Homecoming , a second chance at first love, is coming out September 30, 2021.

Lauren and Beck shared their first kiss at the homecoming dance just minutes before he broke her heart. Twenty plus years and two failed marriages pass before Lauren, filled with liquid courage, makes a date to reconnect with her lost first love. Drinks in a cozy Manhattan bar turn steamy, and their old spark is rekindled, but Beck leaves her wanting more. Still haunted by the heartbreak of homecoming, Lauren doubts the budding relationship after his sudden cancelation. Can Beck convince her to give him another chance? Or will the distance, both in time and location, keep them apart? 

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Works in Progress

Candy is currently working on a short story about a magical night at a Mardi Gras ball when she is looking for a diversion from her novel about a couple in a rut. Can exploring and pushing sexual boundaries reignite their love and relationship or is the chasm too great?